Bringing Light Into Architecture

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Bringing Light Into Architecture

The Mirror Sculpture in our office was first created and inspired by the concept of bringing light down into our meeting room in the basement which looked out onto a brick wall.

We took the property in 2014 from a barber shop and fully renovated it. The barber shop left behind 60 mirror tiles and we couldn’t let them go to waste, so gratefully took them with the intent to recycle and reuse them in an interesting fluid structure.

Sebastian, XUL Architecture’s Director, began to create small models by arranging the mirrors into different angles to try and see what worked and what didn’t. Gradually, a shape and model began to emerge resulting in a waterfall effect.  

We are very pleased with how the structure turned out and exactly how it brings light into the basement room. Now, instead of looking out of the window and seeing a brick wall, we can see different fragments of the sky and clouds and get a sense of being outside. The lack of light was our main brief and we believe that we created a sculpture that is both creative structurally and practical by bringing light to the interior.

The sculpture was also designed to be seen from the street and you can see the reflection of the sky when you walk on the pavement.

The Mirror Sculpture provides a great sense of fun and is an exciting conversation topic when people first enter the room and view the sculpture.

If you wish to learn more about how we came up with the idea, watch how Sebastian Sandler, our Managing Director explains the process and the innovative thinking involved in bringing natural light into our offices with the Mirror Sculpture.



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