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Advice on property acquisition

At Xul Architecture we understand the complexities of acquiring a new property. We provide advice on a property’s design and development potential prior to purchase to ensure the final build meets the client’s aspirations as well as provide a good return on investment.

Project development

Architectural and interior design services We understand that designing and building a property can be a daunting process. Our experience and project management lead approach enables us to guide our clients though the process, from early feasibility studies to full project delivery.

From early on, our main goal is to fully understand the client’s objectives for their property and help them achieve their vision.

We propose innovative design solutions in full communication with our clients. We see the client as much a part of the design team as they want to be. Design is a dynamic and interactive process, and we are always happy to offer alternative design solutions.

We liaise with local authorities, contractors and other third parties, working on the client’s behalf to deliver the project on time and on budget.

We develop projects from inception to completion through all RIBA stages (Royal Institute of British Architects) including Interior Design services.