King Alfred School Tree House—Ready, Set, Chop!

2 January 2019

After much consultations and brainstorming with the staff, parents and children of King Alfred School, the moment has arrived! We have agreed on a brilliant design concept which everybody is happy with – The building phase has now begun. 

The tree trunks displayed below are of green oak. Famous for their tough and durable nature, green oak is also used as the globe theater’s main structure Read more about our trip to the globe. The trunks will lay the foundation for the forest around the the tree house. The aim is not to build a single tree house, but to build a foundation where multiple tree houses will be built. This will create an organic forest where the children of King Alfred School will learn work and play in. This will also allow us to keep building on the design in the future.


[full_width]XUL Tree trunks- King Alfred School


XUL Tree trunks- King Alfred School


XUL Tree trunks- King Alfred School


XUL Tree trunks- King Alfred School


XUL-King Alfred School-Forest Plan

XUL-King Alfred School-Forest Plan- Ground floor

XUL-King Alfred School-Forest Plan-1.5 level[/full_width]


If you’re planning a unique commercial project and need some help with project management and design, our team of professionals are here to help. We can assist in all parts of the process so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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