An Oasis of Calm in North London

25 September 2019

We often find that clients buying and developing property in London are faced with a paradox. On the one hand, London has the wealth of jobs, opportunities, amenities and infrastructure that one would expect from a major capital city. On the other hand, however, the sheer abundance that makes the city so appealing can be problematic for those who want to be able to relax amidst calm and tranquil surroundings after a long and stressful day’s work. While it’s great to have everything on your doorstep, sometimes even the most inveterate urbanite can pine for an oasis of calm.

Which is one of the reasons why we’re so excited about Regent’s Canal. Once a strictly-business waterway and a hub of industrial and commercial activity, the area has become a haven for residents and a goldmine of opportunity for developers, offering a little oasis of tranquility in the thriving boroughs of North London.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that make Regent’s Canal so very special…

A rich 200-year history

Residents of Regent’s Canal and developers who create new homes in Regent’s Canal all get to share in the canal’s very important 200 year history. As the area begins to celebrate its 200th birthday next year, thoughts turn to the pivotal role the canal has played in British industry and commerce between 1820 and 1963. Created by London’s foremost master planner John Nash, the canal helped to carry coal, building materials, grain and other goods to the heart of the nation’s capital (King’s Cross) from the mills and granaries of the industrial north.

The canal’s industrial and commercial history was cut short in the winter of 1962-1963 when the intense cold froze the waterway so completely that canal boats were left stranded on the canal for weeks. By the time the waters had thawed, commercial traffic had all-but completely ceased on the canal. Most of it would never return, heading instead to the growing network of roads.

Nonetheless, while the great freeze of the early ‘60s heralded the end of one era, it gave way to a new one. Today, Regent’s Canal is less a pathway than a destination and one of the city’s most leisure amenities, and the area’s residents honour the waterway’s commercial past while delighting its present.

While it may lack in coal boats these days, the canal offers a wide array of leisure activities and amenities including…

Incredible location that unlocks the city

Commuters will be delighted to live in such a perfectly situated area which effectively unlocks the city. The canal’s towpath is open to the public granting fantastic access to both walkers and cyclists. Running through the heart of King’s Cross, the canal offers a range of exciting locations within easy walking distance, while it’s proximity to King’s Cross and St. Pancras make it perfect for those who need to take trains to further flung locations. A mile’s walk eastwards along the towpath will take wandering feet to the thriving hub of Islington, while a mile’s walk in the opposite direction will take wanderers to the uber-cool Camden Lock. Whether you need to get around London for work or leisure, it’s a perfect location that makes London your oyster… without the need for an oyster card.

Relaxing, picturesque walks

Today, Londoners are working harder and for longer hours than ever before. But a walk along Regent’s Canal’s charming waterways can be a wonderful way to relax and relieve stress after hours spent slaving away under fluorescent lights.

We all know that access to the natural world including bodies of water, grass, trees and other plants can be a tonic for our wellbeing and mental health, while a leisurely walk in such surroundings is a great way to relieve stress.

Heaven for cyclists

Recent decades have seen an exponential boom in Londoners cycling to work or for pleasure. Indeed, in 2016, Londoners made 730,000 bicycle journeys per day, and that number continues to rise.

Whatever your reasons for cycling, Regent’s Canal is one of the best places in London to do it. The combination of perfect location, beautiful scenery and ample amenities make it heaven for cyclists of all kinds.

No shortage of ways to spend a lazy Saturday

How we spend our leisure time is hugely important. After all, it’s these little moments that make life worth living. And whether you live alone, with a partner or with a family, Regent’s Canal has no shortage of ways in which to spend a lazy Saturday or a sunny Sunday.

With a plethora of boat tours (especially popular between Little Venice near Paddington and Camden lock) there’s always an opportunity to see the city you love from the water. Or perhaps you’d like to avail yourself of the local water sports such as canoeing, paddling and even paddle boarding. You’ll never be bored living in this special area.

An urban paradise for anglers

Fishing has, for generations, been viewed as a relaxing and meditative practice. But finding opportunities to fish in such a dense conurbation as the big smoke can prove challenging. However, the Regent’s Canal’s location between Limehouse and Paddington makes it perfectly placed for urban anglers who want to relax and unwind by seeing what they can catch in London’s urban waterways.

Want to get to know Regent’s canal better? We can help!

Residents and developers in North London have still yet to fully realise the potential of this prime location. There are new developments on the way including a new retail quarter at historic Coal Drops Yard (currently undergoing restoration work). Now is the perfect time for developers and prospective owner-residents to get in on the ground floor. And we can help ensure that they develop a property which not only reflects the area’s unique character and celebrated history but also reflects their own unique voice and style.

We can ensure better living through impeccable design whether it’s making sure that the space makes optimal use of natural light or making sure that the property properly services your needs and lifestyle.

With over 200 projects completed in North London we combine outstanding knowledge of the area, a keen understanding of our clients’ needs and how to facilitate them through architectural design.

Want to know more? Get in touch with us today!

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