Rear House Extensions: there’s always another way

10 April 2019

Rear House Extensions: there’s always another way

The rear house extension is one of the most common ways to extend and the simplest way to add that much-needed extra space to the home. However, there are often ways to extend which are not immediately apparent and that’s where we come in. Sometimes, homeowners may find themselves unable to get the planning permissions they need but this can often come down to the scheme proposed and this.

However, there’s more than one direction when it comes to extensions and bringing more light in to your home⁠—our speciality. We’re going to look at creative ways build, down, and around the home to get the space you need using a few examples of projects that XUL Architecture has handled before.

Opening the home up with a glass extension

If you want to maximise the amount of space that you get out of a rear extension, then the Crittall Hall House project that we completed might be exactly the right way to maximise the roominess and impact of your addition. This project involved a rear extension as well as the full refurbishment of a terraced house that involved ensuring that new and old spaces could be connected, and natural light could be allowed to flow naturally throughout the home.

Given that the property was a Victorian home, with the characteristically narrow footprint and segmented, small room design the style is known for, the client had more than just a practical need for space, they needed the aesthetic of “spaciousness”, as well. This was achieved primarily with the installation of a crittall glass partition that replaced a previously solid wall situated between the living room and the hallway.

Rear House Extensions: there’s always another way

Combined with the rear extension, this ensured excellent noise insulation between the different spaces of the home while blending them visually, vastly brightening up of the home, and creating more comfortable living spaces that flowed seamlessly from one to the other.

Thinking above the box

We are proud that we could contribute to the full refurbishment project at Willifield Way that resulted in not just a pleased client, but in winning the Stuart Gray Award 2014 for Best Project in Hampstead Garden Suburb. With the potential for a rear extension limited by the protections around conservation areas, we had to think above the box in order to add more liveable space. In this case, we had to extend upwards.

When working with a Grade II Listed Project, as we did, it’s important to ensure that all changes and additions are made with the characteristics and charm of the original building at the forefront of the design. With sure careful design, this loft conversion and kitchen extension was awarded with comments on its sensitivity and elegance.

With the amount of space that we could add to Willifield Way limited by its conservation status, we instead had to aim at maximising the space available through a loft conversion. The external profile of the home was minimally disrupted by the efficient use of its existing loft space, which was opened up to provide additional accommodation as well as a separate luxury bathroom. With the use of misted glass, we were able to explore the limits of privacy while ensuring that natural light was consistent throughout the area.

Where should you extend?

If you’re in need of an extension but the means of expanding your floor plan is limited, you don’t need to worry too much. XUL Architecture can help you put plans together for renovations that explore beneath your home, to the very top of it, and even throughout the existing interior to open up all kinds of new opportunities for more space.

If you have a project you would like to speak to us about, please get in touch or 020 7431 9014.


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