What are the top architecture blogs?

11 September 2019

Blogs have long been a source of design inspiration, taking over the daily thirst for content from the monthly magazines we used to pore over constantly. We used to wait for the monthly edition of Architectural Digest, or the interiors of Elle Decoration to find the finest buildings and interiors for our delectation.

Nowadays we have up-to-the-minute sources to discover until our hearts content but there are only a few places with the same editing and integrity of the monthly publications. If you have a keen interest in architecture, or you are looking for inspiration on new ideas for your next project, then you need to read the top architecture blogs around the world. Whether you just have a keen interest in reading about design and architecture, or you are looking for something that gives you the inspiration to make a change in your home, architecture blogs are certainly a resource you want to utilise. That is why we are going to be looking at some of the top architecture blogs right now so that you can get the inspiration that you have been looking for.


The first blog that we are exploring is Dezeen. In our opinion, this is one of the top architecture blogs that you could peruse to find your architectural inspiration. Whether your interests lie in technology, design or architecture, you can explore Dezeen for a variety of industry information. There are always some diverse articles for you to read, which is what sets it apart from the other sites you might have read before.

Dezeen challenge the industry focusing articles on the business of design, writing articles that they know their readers will want to consume. Many other blogs will report on products or projects completed, focusing on what the designer has wanted to communicate, whereas Dezeen go a step further to make sure they understand more about the project and how it contributes to the world of design. This site is truly the leader in architecture journalism for the 21st century.


Another blog for you to consider is Dwell. Not only are you going to find some amazing blog posts for you to read, but there are also photos, videos, and a shop for you to browse through. Some of our top posts from this blog include ‘Construction Diary: A Young Couple DIY A Lofted Yurt In Poland’ and ‘The Restored Rudolph Schindler Project That Was Inspired by a Greek Village’. Already from the two examples that we have listed, you can see that this blog offers you a diverse range of articles that you can browse through. So, if you are someone who likes to get a bit off-topic at any point and just browse through whatever is there, then this site could be wonderful for you.

If you want some inspiration on how you can change your home, or an area of your home into a new and exciting place, then you should take a look at ‘A Young Couple Revamp Adam Levine’s Childhood Home’ where you will find some design ideas that we love. Or, if you want to see something that is a bit more directly related to architecture, then you might want to browse a post like ‘Low-Cost, Balloon-Formed Housing Concept For Developing Countries’. This might not give you inspiration for your home, but it is certainly something interesting for you to take a look at if this is the kind of thing that you are interested in.


Lastly, Designboom is another website that you should take a read through if you are looking for excellent architecture articles. Designboom is very much focused on design and architecture with titles such as ‘Hymer Visionventure Concept Is The Future Of Campervans’ and ‘Holodeck Architect Builds The Austrian Embassy In Bangkok With Local Materials’. You will find a lot of interesting reads such as this one when you are scrolling through this website. You are certainly never going to be bored when there are so many interesting articles for you to scroll through.

There are so many posts on Designboom that will grab your attention that you could be sitting there for hours, reading all of the latest and interesting posts. If you like to read design posts, then this blog is going to be something that you want to check out.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now know what the top architecture blogs are. Take a look around and see if you can find the information or inspiration that you have been looking for! Check out these blogs if you want to see some interesting posts, and we hope you find exactly what you are looking for on one or more of these blogs that we have discussed in this article.

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