Hocroft Estate House

Client: Private

Type: Extension

Location: NW2

Status: On site

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geometric graphics with cubics and parallel lines

A deconstructed extension: light through the crevices

When our clients came to us a couple of years ago, they had plans from their previous architect who was proposing a large standard box extension.  They already had planning permission from Barnet Council for a ground floor rear extension to double the footprint of the house but they found it “just so boring”. We jumped at the chance to deconstruct the layout.  As the house would become very deep, the main challenge was to bring light to the centre of the building. For this project, we used VR technology to give the client a detailed image of the project as it was in development. It also allowed us to quickly make changes to the materials as the design progressed.

geometric graphics with cubics and parallel lines
geometric graphics with cubics and parallel lines

Courtyard and Circulation

Within the middle volume, there will be two internal courtyards that balance out the circulation without the use of doors or partitions whilst bringing in natural light and ventilation to the heart of the house.

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