Rudall Crescent Glass Terrace

Client: Private

Type: Extension

Location: Hampstead

Status: Complete

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geometric graphics with cubics and parallel lines

Entertaining space on the flat roof above

The homeowners loved where they lived but wanted to get some extra space from the rear garden. The existing pitched window lantern was restricting the use from above. By creating a flat roof with glass panels, we were able to create a raised terrace space for entertaining, whilst maintaining the light in the room below. The clients told us β€œIt is beautiful and we are very grateful... absolutely wonderful. The space is absolutely amazing. It looks like a new house!” We replaced the rear doors to allow for more light and space in the dining room below.

geometric graphics with cubics and parallel lines

The existing extension

Our brief was to replace the existing window lantern to allow for an entertaining space on the flat roof above... without taking away any light from the room below. Here is the existing structure.

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