The Practice

Located in North London, XUL Architecture is a commercially minded, client centred architecture practice. We are efficient and responsive, and put particular focus on the client’s experience as well as in finding ingenious ways of bringing light into architecture.


Developing positive relationships

We believe each client is special and has a story to tell. We listen to your needs and do what it takes to meet your expectations. We combine our energy, knowledge and talents to deliver great customer service and strive to develop relationships that make a positive difference to your lives.


Designing for natural light

Our extensive research is based around finding ways in which we can bring more natural light into architecture as this has a positive impact on spatial quality, wellbeing, productivity and creativity.


Lateral thinking

We believe in constant improvement and encourage change. Our lateral thinking allows us to creatively overcome challenges. Our motto is ‘there is always another way’! so we always like to explore alternative design solutions as well as finding the right strategy to suit the client’s needs.


Collaborative process

Our team is comprised of people from all parts of the world, giving us a rich breadth of experience, cultural background, depth of talent and human potential. This is accompanied by the added value of having a can do attitude when in front of any challenge. And of course, you can be involved in this creative process as much as you want to be. Design is a dynamic and interactive process.


Local architects

We recognise how important it is being part of the local community. We reside in shop front premises which makes us accessible and approachable - our door is always open. Our aim is to build trust and aspire to be the “go to” local architect. We also try to bring the community together by organising local events.

With you every step of the way

Who makes it happen

Sebastian Sandler

Managing Director

Sebastian opened XUL Architecture in 2008. His unique understanding of the design and building processes allow him to analyse the close relationship between design and cost, ensuring his projects are delivered on time, to budget and to the highest possible specifications.
He is interested in researching different ways of introducing natural light to architecture. Prior to opening XUL, Sebastian qualified as an Architect in Argentina, and worked in a number of architectural practices in both Buenos Aires and the UK.

Maia Lemlij

Business Director

Maia is one of the founding partners at XUL Architecture. Her role as Business Director is to focus on strategy, sales and the operational aspects of the practice. Prior to working at XUL Architecture, Maia worked for 11 years at Space Syntax Limited, a design consultancy. Maia qualified as an architect in Peru and in 2003 continued her academic training at University College London (UCL), where she completed an MSc in Advanced Architectural Studies.

Ingmar Wilken

Director - Senior Architect

Ingmar deals with a full range of architectural services, coordinating the design team from formulation of the brief through design development, to completion of projects on site. Prior to joining XUL, Ingmar worked for over 14 years as an architect in London. Ingmar qualified as an architect in Germany and continued his academic training at the Mackintosh School of Architecture (University of Glasgow), where he completed an M.Arch degree course in Conservation Studies.

Sharon Fields

Office manager - PA

Sharon joined XUL Architecture in 2016 as an Office Manager. She is a resourceful and organised office manager with financial expertise and versatile administrative support skill set developed through over 25 years of experience. Sharon has successfully managed the daily operations of many demanding offices and has exceptional skills in setting up office policies, developing and implementing office procedures.

Yaiza Ramiro

Project Architect

As a result of her combined degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Architecture, Yaiza has a particular understanding of the technical aspects and processes of a project. Before joining XUL Architecture in 2015, Yaiza worked at a local practice specialised in residential projects. In 2013, she obtained an MBA in Architectural Management and Design in Madrid and worked on residential masterplans and large scale projects at a local practice. Yaiza qualified as an architect in Valencia, at the Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU, and became a registered Architect in the UK in 2016.

Andrea Cincotta

Senior Project Architect

Andrea qualified as an architect in July 2004 in Italy. He participated in the Erasmus and Leonardo European program in Spain for two years. He has gained practical experience on a diverse range of schemes and has also had the opportunity to work on high profile projects, working for both large and small practices within the UK and abroad. Andrea is a Chartered Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and has been working in London for the past fourteen years. As a consultant in the private sector, Andrea has led on a wide range of project covering the role of the Leading Project Architect. He has a passion for motorcycles, contemporary art and furniture design.

Sanam Lakhi

Architectural Designer

Sanam qualified as an architect in March 2009 in India. Prior to joining XUL, Sanam worked with award winning practices in India and the UK. Sanam took a short training of Earthen Construction Techniques at The Auroville Earth Institute and later she was awarded a scholarship from the University of Bath, Faculty of Engineering and Design where she studied an MSc in Environmental Design gaining relevant sustainability awareness skills. In 2017, Sanam completed her RIBA Part III qualification at UCL.

Tom Pariente

Architectural Assistant - Part 2

Tom joined XUL Architecture in 2017 after qualifying as an Architect in Brussels at the University La Cambre - Horta. At XUL he supports the team though all stages of the projects, with particular skills in 3d graphics and visualisation. He has previous experience working on research projects, including for the French Academy of Architecture. This has helped him develop a unique interest and way of designing architecture that seeks to bridge history and new technology.


We empower one another as everyone is responsible for the success of the business. We always welcome new talents and encourage their development and reward their performance.

geometric graphics with cubics and parallel lines

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