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We believe each client is special and has a story to tell. We listen to your needs and do what it takes to meet your expectations. Combining our energy, knowledge and talents to deliver fantastic client care and strive to develop relationships that make a positive difference to your lives.

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Architects West Hampstead

Located in North London, XUL Architecture is a commercially minded, client centred architecture practice. We are efficient and responsive, and put particular focus on the client’s experience as well as in finding ingenious ways of bringing light into architecture.

Architects West Hampstead

Architects West Hampstead

Architects West Hampstead

… For over 10 years we have been busy designing and taking our clients projects from their initial sketch through to their successful completion – including project management and interior design.

Architecture driven by collaboration and lateral thinking

We believe in constant improvement and encourage change. Our lateral thinking allows us to creatively overcome challenges. Our motto is ‘there is always another way’! We always like to explore alternative design solutions as well as finding the right strategy to suit your needs.

We pride ourselves on having a unique outlook that combines our passion for enhancing our clients’ lives, with the ingenious use of abundant natural light; all whilst keeping the practicalities of the project and the realities of the budget in mind.

200+ Projects Completed

Our team is comprised of people from all parts of the world, giving us a rich breadth of experience, cultural background, depth of talent and diversity of thoughts. This is accompanied by the added value of having a can do attitude when in front of any challenge. And of course, you can be involved in this creative process as much as you want to be. Design is a dynamic and interactive process!

Inspired by natural light for better living

Our extensive research is based around finding ways in which we can bring more natural light into architecture. This has a positive impact on spatial quality, sustainability, well-being, productivity and creativity.

Architects West Hampstead

About XUL Architecture … Architects West Hampstead

Our clients are at the core of everything we do here. That’s why we have a dedicated team assigned to each project which will manage things on your behalf.

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Architects West Hampstead

… The RIBA Chartered team will include a Director as well as an experienced ARB Registered Architect and an Architectural Assistant/ Designer. All our staff are talented professionals with a vast amount of experience, covering a range of projects from large commercial buildings abroad, to award winning listed residential properties right here in London.

All projects are reviewed regularly by our Directors. We formally review every project in our Monday morning meetings and then go back over them as required throughout the week.

Our Office Manager is always available to help organise meetings, request quotes and provide support throughout your project.

We have invested greatly into putting a number of systems in place to make sure things run as smoothly as possible so we can spend time providing you with an exceptional service.

Five star service *****

“A totally professional and very approachable team who are so easy to deal with. We had numerous meetings until everything we wanted was put down on paper. Would definitely use this firm again.”

—Daniel Davila


Would 100% recommend

“We looked at four different architects because we were unsure of how much XUL had done in the Hampstead Garden Suburbs. Other practices were way behind in creativity and presentation. XUL saw things that others didn’t and saw the potential of the house. The turn-around time was also exceptional. If I had to do it all again, they would be my architects.”

—Julliette and Michael Overlander


Fantastic Architecture practice

“They get the balance right between listening to brief, stretching ideas and sticking to budget constraints. I would wholeheartedly recommend. They are a delight to deal with!”

—Rachel Summerfield


A trustworthy and highly creative company

“We experienced XUL as a thoroughly dependable and trustworthy creative team which acted as a supportive partner throughout the project we worked on together. Sebastian got involved in every aspect of the process, and the external consultants he brought in were consistently excellent, contributing greatly to the results achieved. I recommend XUL for any architectural project you may be considering: you will get more than you imagine, including a fulfilling and enjoyable relationship with some deeply committed and creative people.”

—David Templer

Architects West Hampstead

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Are you looking to make the move to the West Hampstead district of London in the near future? If so, our guide to the area is just for you.

While Hampstead is arguably the most sought-after place to live in the whole of London, neighbouring West Hampstead remains somewhat a hidden gem. The village boasts many of the great features that make Hampstead so popular while avoiding the spotlight to offer a far more relaxed vibe for families and professionals alike.

The History of West Hampstead

Originally a village known as the West End, West Hampstead’s history can be traced back to at least the 16th century while its name was changed in the 19th century as to avoid confusion with the West End of London following the arrival of train networks.

West Hampstead has had a big impact on the music scene of the 1960s with both the Beatles and Rolling Stones having links to the area. Today, the village, which sites in the borough of Camden, boasts a population of around 35,000.

House Types & Price in West Hampstead

The neighbourhood of West Hampstead is blessed with housing and properties from various eras. The Victorian, Edwardian and Twenties periods are all heavily present throughout the area while West Hampstead architects continue to develop new houses in the area. This creates a tapestry of different eras that reflects the diverse culture of the area.

Housing in West Hampstead isn’t cheap, but is significantly cheaper than Hampstead itself. The average house prices of £970,000 are still above the London average, but the NW6 postcode is sought after. Rental prices in the area are just above £600 per week. (Per Foxtons)

The leap from flat prices to house prices is fairly reasonable too, allowing many homeowners to stay in the area even when they need more space for growing family requirements.

Life in West Hampstead

Hampstead is one of the most attractive places to live in all of London, but it does attract a lot of tourists. While retaining much of the culture, the village of West Hampstead is a lot quieter. When combined with the fact that Hampstead Heath, along with a host of other attractions are within walking distance, it’s no wonders the area is so popular by those that live there.

Served by the Jubilee Line, West Hampstead station is in Zone 2 of the London Underground network, meaning annual passes to Zone 1 are £1,404 while the journey into central London is quick and simple. This is great news for professionals working in the city, which is why West Hampstead residents tend to earn good money.

Crime rates in the quiet village are very low while the schooling facilities in the area are excellent. West Hampstead itself is very quiet with tree-lined streets and an atmosphere that is hard to find elsewhere in the capital.

Moving to West Hampstead

Moving to West Hampstead from outside of London will pose some difficulties. With the right plan of action in place, though, you can make it a relatively stress-free experience.

Hiring Architects West Hampstead

Whatever your decision, you can rely on XUL Architecture to help guide you through your house renovation project in West Hampstead. Get in touch with us today on 020 7431 9014, email us at or drop by our office at 33 Belsize Lane, London NW3 5AS.